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The Maze Runner


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The worst part is knowing that your mother no longer sees you becoming an author because it's taken so long to write the damn book.

I'm afraid of living my entire life without romantic love.

I'm not the prettiest or fittest person in the world.

I struggle with the standards of beauty that media has placed upon women.

I don't have a best friend.

I don't have any friends; mostly close acquaintances.

I'm too introverted to even talk to strangers.

When I know someone well enough, I tend to stick by them instead of meeting new people.

I prefer cats over dogs, but I still love animals.

I can't be vegan until I move out of my mother's house.

I'm mostly Lithuanian and most likely Polish. There might be Irish, but it's a maybe.

I don't like living in the U.S. and would much rather live somewhere in Europe.

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